window cleaning


Some answers to questions that we regularly receive:

Question: Why do you use Heated Pure Water when other window cleaners use Cold Pure Water?

Answer: Heated Pure Water is the very latest development of Pure Water window cleaning.

Heated Pure Water cleans much more effectively than Cold Pure Water. You wouldn’t dream of doing the dishes or washing the car in cold water. This is because hot water softens and absorbs dirt much more quickly and effectively than cold water.

Question: Won’t the Heated Pure Water crack the glass?

Answer: No. The Pure Water is only heated to about 40 degrees Centigrade. This is hot enough to clean very efficiently, but not hot enough to risk cracking any glass.

Question: How often should I have you clean my windows?

Answer: Well, it’s your property and your money, so it’s up to you!

Everyone has different budgets, and some people are more particular than others.

I’m usually in a given area every 4 weeks, so you can choose any multiple of 4 weeks.

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